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The following grants are available for current AZTESOL members in good standing. The applicant will need a valid Social Security number to apply for the award. Proposals are considered by the Grants and Scholarships Chair and awarded by the Board with the chair’s recommendation. Please take note of the award deadlines. Applicants will be notified within 30 days of the advertised application deadline. All grants are contingent upon available funding. Any questions should be addressed to Vicki Ardisana at: vicki.ardisana@nau.edu

Cheryl Walsh Professional Growth Award (3 awards)

Cheryl Walsh was a dedicated ESL teacher and board member who served as southeast regional representative and organized the first mini-conference in Tucson. In her memory, the AZTESOL board offers the Cheryl Walsh Professional Growth Award. The purpose of this award is to assist AZTESOL professionals in attending the International TESOL Convention. Three $750 awards are available each year to assist with registration fees, travel, lodging, food, and other costs associated with attending the conference. Application involves submitting an essay of not more than 350 words on why the applicant would like to attend the TESOL convention and how it would positively impact their professional growth. Applicants who are presenting at the conference will be given higher priority. Additionally, one grant will be awarded to one first-time attendee of the TESOL International Convention (regardless of whether or not they are presenting). Awardees are required to write an article for the AZTESOL Newsletter describing how TESOL participation has contributed to their professional growth. (Application due December 31; Newsletter article due 30 days after conference.)

Dennis Oliver Distance Assistance Grant (8 awards)

Dennis Oliver was an active, passionate ESL teacher whose long career in the field included teaching and administrative positions as well as various roles on the AZTESOL board. The AZTESOL board is proud to present this grant in his memory. The purpose of this grant is to offset the cost of attending the AZTESOL state conference. Eight $100 awards are available to any AZTESOL member who must travel more than 100 miles to attend the conference. Applicants submit a 100-word statement explaining why they would like to attend, the city of origin, and estimated mileage. Groups who plan to travel together may apply as one applicant. After the conference, recipients are required to write a summary of a conference session (500 words maximum) for the AZTESOL newsletter. (Application due September 10; newsletter article due 30 days after conference.)

Jean Zukowski/Faust Special Project Academic Mini-Grant (Ongoing up to a total of $1000 to be awarded to 1 or more applicants each June 1st – May 31st)

Jean Zukowski/Faust spent her career teaching throughout the world, publishing ESL textbooks, and sharing her passion for ESL education with her students. She is remembered for her longevity on the AZTESOL board and her multiple awards for distinguished service to the field. The purpose of this mini-grant is to provide seed money or matching funds for AZTESOL members’ small academic research or instructional projects. Applicants should submit an overview or abstract of their project along with a budget proposal for funds being requested. A report of how the grant was used is to be made to the Board directly, shared at the state conference, and written up for publication in the AZTESOL newsletter. (Open application period)

AZTESOL Mexico Educators Grant

The purpose of this grant is to financially assist one or more groups of English language teachers, graduate students or researchers from academic institutions in Sonora to present at the AZTESOL state conference. The amount of the award varies according to travel costs, registration, and appropriate per diem. Up to $1000 may be awarded per group.  The group must have one or more approved presentations for the AZTESOL state conference for which they are applying for funding. There is one application per group and the application must include the following to be considered: a) a list of proposed attendees, b) a one to two paragraph synopsis of the accepted conference presentations and the names of the presenters of each presentation, c) how the group’s presentation(s) will benefit AZTESOL conference attendees as a whole, d) a letter of endorsement from a department head or supervisor of the applicant group which explains the applicant group’s English as a Foreign Language work and how the award will benefit the group applicants and their colleagues. First time applicants will be given priority. The group applicants will be notified 2 weeks before the conference. (Due September 10 )

AZTESOL Educator of the Year

The purpose of this award is to honor an AZTESOL member for notable contributions to the TESOL profession. The award includes recognition at our State Conference (with complimentary admission that year) and a 1-year AZTESOL membership . The criteria for the award are (a) excellence within one or more areas in the field of English language teaching, (b) distinguished leadership, and (c) service to the profession. Nominations for this award must include the full name, address, telephone number, and title of both the nominee and nominator; a statement explaining why this nominee qualifies; and a description of contributions to the profession. A commemorative plaque is presented to the recipient at the state conference. The awardee will be invited to speak at the state conference and recognized in the newsletter and on our website. (Due September 10)

AZTESOL Distinguished Service Award

The purpose of this award is to honor an AZTESOL member for notable contributions to AZTESOL or to the field of English language teaching in terms of non-remunerated activity that helps create opportunities for AZTESOL members, students, and professionals which is often above and beyond any obligatory calls. Nominations for this award must include the full name, address, telephone number, and title of both the nominee and nominator; a statement explaining why this nominee qualifies; and a description of distinguished service. A commemorative plaque is presented to the recipient at the State Conference, and the awardee will be recognized in the newsletter and on our website. (Due September 10)

– Other Grants & Awards –

Outreach and Communication Grant (1 or more awards of up to $1000)

The purpose of this grant is to support members of AZTESOL in their outreach and communication efforts through addressing alternative audiences, specifically attending conferences other than AZTESOL or the International TESOL Convention. This award can be up to $1000. Other conferences whose audiences may benefit from TESOL-related information, among others, are the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the Symposium on Second Language Writing (SSLW), and the Conference of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) International Literacy Association (ILA). Applications of no more than 500 words should explain how content from TESOL will be beneficial and crafted for the specific audience of the conference that you wish to attend. Please mention your acceptance to the conference if your proposal has already been accepted. The award is contingent upon presenting at the conference. Applications will be due September 1 for travel between November 1 and October 31 of the following year. Recipients will be notified of their award status by November 1 or as appropriate after that. (Due September 1)

Outstanding Tutor of the Year Award (1 award yearly)

This award is given annually to an outstanding tutor of English Literacy. The tutor is nominated by the organization s/he works with. The tutor must be an active member of AZTESOL. S/he will have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the classroom and a commitment to meeting individual needs and progress. The nomination should include specific citations that illustrate the worthiness of the candidate for the award. Nominations for non-educators are preferred. Applications should be submitted before September 1 for the award to be given at the fall TESOL conference. The grantee will receive a one year membership in AZTESOL and paid state conference fees. (Due September 1)

Classroom Materials Grant (5 awards)

Five  grants of $250.00 each will be awarded to those instructors who would like to conduct a mini-action research project in their classroom with students for whom English is an additional language. Applicants should submit a 500 word proposal outlining: (1) the background of their action research; (2) the intention of the research and its alignment with curriculum or content standards; (3) materials and strategies that will be needed; and (4) how the research will aid in improving the students’ academic knowledge and skills. (Ongoing)

Continuation of Excellence Grant (1 award)

The purpose of this grant is to encourage and reward the continuation of excellence from AZTESOL members in professional development, teaching, scholarship, and service. All past recipients of any AZTESOL award or grant can apply for up to $500 to continue their efforts. In an essay of no more than 500 words, applicants will describe the first award they received and the effect it had on their efforts and the community, and how they will continue their contributions to the AZTESOL community through the proposed grant. A current, detailed, and justified budget will be required in addition to the 500 word essay. Applications are due October 1, and recipients will be notified by January 10. (Due October 1)

Questions? Send a message to:

Vicki Ardisana
P.O. Box 881
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