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Co-Chairs: Crissy Negrini & Kassie Lamoreaux
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The Community College IS would like to explore and expand partnerships with K-12 and universities and act as a liaison/pipeline for professional development in TESOL. The CC IS is interested in promoting standardization of community college ESL programs through research-based feedback and collaboration. The CC IS would like to survey stakeholders’ challenges in the Arizona CC community and support core values of TESOL.

We’ve created a Google Group and to keep us connected. It can be used as a discussion forum where we can discuss all current trends and issues, post conference announcements, create meet-ups, and more. The goal is to keep us connected and achieve growth within our community in the Valley. Please click here to go to our discussion board (and then click on “Apply for membership”) or click here to send an e-mail to request to join the group and e-mail list.