Free Virtual Workshop: Friday, September 29, 3:00 pm-4:00 pm (Arizona MST)

9/29 Webinar:

Academic Writing Anxiety: A Deep Dive into Experience, Research, and Praxis


Session description:
In this interactive workshop, we will explore the profound link between emotions and academic writing, specifically diving deep into Academic Writing Anxiety (AWA). I’ll begin by helping participants understand contemporary research on AWA, then present key research findings from a study I conducted in collaboration with Dr. Susan Miller-Cochran. Practical exercises aimed at understanding and addressing AWA in classroom settings will be introduced, providing educators with tools and strategies. Throughout the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on the implications of AWA in their teaching spaces and engage in meaningful conversations about its practical implications. By attending this workshop, participants will grasp the importance of acknowledging AWA in academic writing, understand the findings from our study, and have actionable strategies to address AWA in their respective contexts.

Speaker’s bio:

Anuj Gupta is a PhD candidate who embodies multiple roles at the University of Arizona – a UX researcher, a technical writing educator, and Data Science and Digital Scholarship Fellow. His research and teaching agenda focus on designing, analyzing, testing, and deploying language technologies to create transformative learning experiences that promote social justice, inclusion, and empowerment for diverse audiences. He is currently working on his dissertation research where he is analysing the impact of AI technologies like large language models (LLM) on human communication, literacy, and emotions. He was recently awarded the Kairos Graduate Student Research Award and the CCCC Scholars for the Dream Award. His research can be found in journals including Composition Studies, ALRA, JSLAT, and the CWPA journal. Previously, Anuj helped build one of India’s pioneering college-level writing programs at Ashoka University. You can learn more about his research by visiting his website: .

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