Professional Development, Webinar

Free Virtual Workshop August 24 @ 4:00-5:00PM

8/24 Webinar: Efficient Lesson Planning with the S-K-S Model

Join us for a practical professional development webinar designed to make content more accessible, engaging, and differentiated for all English learners (ELs). In our session on “Efficient Lesson Planning with the S-K-S Model,” we will use a tool that streamlines planning in under 5 minutes, freeing you from overwhelming preparation and allowing you to focus on meaningful student connections. Drawing from over 25 years of teaching experience and attending SIOP, Kagan Cooperative Structures, and Thinking Map workshops, Dr. Nicole Teyechea has crafted a comprehensive lesson framework, seamlessly incorporating the SIOP Components into your lessons to ensure all ELs actively engage in grade-level learning. Learn to confidently plan for targeted instruction tailored to ELs’ needs and unlock grade-level learning and rigor. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your teaching practice and create a lasting impact for you and your students.


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