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TESOL 2018 Electronic Village Online Call for Proposals

TESOL’s CALL Interest Section has issued a Call for Proposals for its 2018 Electronic Village Online (EVO), a virtual extension of the Electronic Village event at the annual TESOL convention. Click here to learn more about the EVO.¬†Proposals are due by September 24, 2017 and may be on any topic relevant to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Click here to see the instructions on how to create a proposal page. A training session will be held for all moderators and co-moderators from October 22 to November 19, 2017, and the actual five-week EVO sessions will take place between January 14 and February 18, 2018. Click here to see what types of sessions were offered in the past.

AZTESOL awards free TESOL memberships

TESOL logoCongratulations to the following AZTESOL members who have each received a free one-year membership to our affiliated parent organization, TESOL International Association:

Mehtap Acar
Michelle Beach
Rebecca Haag
Chelsea Moreno
Nicole Schmidt

Check our website again early next year for the announcement and invitation to apply for these complimentary memberships that TESOL International makes available to us annually as their official affiliate for the state of Arizona.